Some new and old balances...

Any ideas are welcome here.
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Some new and old balances...

Post by alifatic3 » Tue Dec 31, 2013 7:17 pm

I have some suggestion, dont know if w3 editor allow some of them:
Rescue Strike - Bigger AOE and can used at the range of enemy wall, ouside the wall, imba skill if enter the base, some races have lower evolution, not have time to make a balanced defense if RS pwn their self base.

Staff - Fusion when have every 3 in inventory.

Damage of Artilhery imba for 2v2, and cant play mp2 with artilhery. I suggest lower the damage and AOE by 33%%
Legendary Warlock, as Richrich suggested

Stun Tower, reduce price to 400 gold, 1250 wood, and cooldown to 35 sec or effect raiser to 5 seconds.
Kodo Spellbreaker: change skill to 70% self and 40% AOE.
Wyvern - Damage and hp + 33%.
Legendary troll: chaos damage

Legendary: Lower cost 33%. More damage. 30%% chance to freeze x seconds everything it touchs
Ice Queen: Cost 350, spell resist 25%, legendary upgrade to think.
Frost launcher: Imba 2v2 games. Raise 25% time of freezing, reduce 50% damage.

Wep: Cooldown 7 seconds.
Incubbus: 12% chance conversion

Obelisk of light: Damage 120, cooldown 5 seconds.
City os light: Cooldown 12 seconds, effect 30 seconds

Elemental of lightening: Normal magic damage. I didnt notice if ceremonial and haste buff affects his skill.
Battery: Can be used in mobs buildings, 25% faster mob production.

Volcano: Damage limit and raised cooldown
Eraser: limit to 2.
Shrine: lower time of paralize

Power plant: upgrade to use wood. Better enhancements

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Re: Some new and old balances...

Post by Sunus » Tue Dec 31, 2013 7:33 pm

There are few suggestions worth consideration. Thanks.

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