Updates of playable map above 3v3 and Balance

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Updates of playable map above 3v3 and Balance

Post by Choucream » Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:53 am

I'm a Korean users in m16 sever(free sever operated by Korean)
Many korean users want to new version revised magic book's spell dmg and durations of wisp's slow and pyramid.

In the basis of 1.24f(lastest 3v3 map)
I think these durations make game loose. The overpower of wisp is leaded not dmg but durations and degree(n%) of slow. Even though players buy item, it CANNOT EASE the LAGGING of units and frame drop. So, players feel lose game.
the pyramid is same. Ridiculously, it's COOLDOWN and DURATIONS of the effect are same.

In terms of Destruction(Chaos legendary building), I recommend to increase the cooldown.
On the current ability, it is effective only when Northen/Human & Chaos.
Regarding the cost of Destruction and the effectiveness of other Legend, Eraser,
even DELETING building except legend(the original effect) not be seemed op.
Also, Eraser get the bounty. this bounty should be reduced below half at least.

the mechanism of second half is the inflation.
Usually, the first lumber use of Chaos is volcano becuz of the cost-effectivity.
So, Destruction's real cost is higher than the statement.

The other suggestion of balance is spell immune of some buildings like obelisk of lights, Legendary production building and building providing single target buff(ceremonial totem, obelisk of elemental) .
Obelisk of light's tooltip say it's not frozen but it's not.
In terms of legend unit production and sing target buff, the effectiveness naturally decrease after half time but it need some conditions depending on races.

Other benefit is Simcity. Greater launcher's splash make opponents Space limit. and it's too wide.

Finally, this is another version story(2.0 EU version), Goliath's air missile's dmg and cooldown are OP.
when Undead&Mech, Goliath and Frost warms + light orb are invulnerable.
Becuz, in many races, effective anti-air ability come from air units.
So, mech tower to prepare Goliath and Frost warm and light orb is the master key of victory, literally .

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