HAcker in troll and elves but theres no reply

By player's wishes was created new thread to report about Hackers/Cheater/Exploiters or other kind of hacking in Wc3. Here you can post about them with proves like, Screenshot's or replays!
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HAcker in troll and elves but theres no reply

Post by aligator_mighty » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:29 am

i dunno why theres no reply after the game but this idiott had money before anyone else and did entangle me 6 times in a row faggot ...
hope u will ban him faggot and fix the map errors

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Re: HAcker in troll and elves but theres no reply

Post by kamilek » Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:24 am

I played this mode today several times and there's so many hackers, that makes this mod almost unplayable.
In first game it was "aksenov2", him duplicated later in game his house and then also my (dunno why and if someone's elses too) and in next games "Nights91" just typed some codes and we all haved about 10 houses and several elfs. Then him cloned also troll and wolves and game was total mess. Also when him was troll, so him was invisible and can't be killed. And other and other hacks, this game was total "parade of hacks" in the end, before i left.
I experienced few of this things before, when i started playing this mod, but i was thinking it is just some bug(s) or something, but now i see, that is not true. So sad, this mod is so entertaining (if it's played fair).
I've searched about this problem on the web and probably there's hosted hacked version of this map, i've found discussion about removing cheats here.

Also, there's replay if someone's interested.
http://www.warcraft3.eu/index.php?menu= ... 232341.w3g

Edit: Just one game after, "Shaman_shaman" learned from his felow "Nights91" from previous game how to cheat and ruined the game almost instantly from the beginning. We just started and him gives himself million gold and then wood and then has latest buildings (3 houses!), strongest tower and "invisibility".
Replay here.
http://www.warcraft3.eu/index.php?menu= ... 234927.w3g

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