Castle fight P1l1s(pro) maphack !!! User: Apem

By player's wishes was created new thread to report about Hackers/Cheater/Exploiters or other kind of hacking in Wc3. Here you can post about them with proves like, Screenshot's or replays!
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Castle fight P1l1s(pro) maphack !!! User: Apem

Post by Droidpanik » Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:24 am

Reporting Form:Droid.panik

cg/pg-suspected cheat-nickname APEM

Message body:
Nick: Nickname of suspected cheater APEM
Cheat: Maphack
Replay: ... k.w3g.html
Time: Fog clicks !!!
18.35 clicked on builder
18.37 clicked on Undeath builder
20.40 clicked on Elementel of Earth
21.22 clicked on Mighty necromancer
21.49 clicked on Temple of necromany
21.52 clicked on Ttrapped Gale
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