Fire Elementals & Lightning Elementals are overpowered

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Fire Elementals & Lightning Elementals are overpowered

Post by YetiMagic » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:26 pm

Fire Elemental & Lightning Elemental are clearly overpowered, while their damage potential is strong, i don't think that's the problem. It's that their health and (mainly) armour values which are far too high.

Even with a counter match up, of, say, an Avatar of Vengeance vs the Fire Elemental, the Fire Elemental is going to tank a large amount of blows before being killed and can potentially deal a large amount of damage to the Avatar(and the units behind it) in the process, what's more is due to their damage wave, they can make short work of units which should be their counters in sufficient numbers and aren't open to nearly enough counterplay.

Then it comes down to the split, a sole upgraded Fire Elemental can single handedly cause a strike if it stacks up, the split is more reliable than assembling a horde of lesser vampires or necromancers raising skeletons and is far more devastating. Vampire hordes only work early on as they're so reliant on the the vampire itself getting the last hit, and even then, they're only getting a lesser version of themselves. Fire Elementals on the other hand quickly go from 1->2 (next wave arrives) 3->6 (next wave) 7-14 etc, Any other unit would have 3 units at this point. The split is frankly insane. With 7+ Fire Elementals theres a good chance to get at least one wave every single attack, they quickly decimate waves.

What's potentially worse is the Lightning Elemental. The stun given to Melee attackers should be outright removed. Even upgraded Assassins can't one shot them (due to silly high health + armour) and then, they have a high change of being stunlocked to death.

The Lightning elemental shield gets even worse when coming up against melee units with a cleave. If you have a backline of Lightning Elementals, and a Naga Guardian(which should be a counter to them) hits the melee unit tank line guarding them, each Lightning Elemental has a chance to trigger the stun, this even works on units such as corrupted annihilators, and even worse, The Zombie / Abomination damage aura triggers the % chance for the stun for each lightning elemental in range, and as it ticks so fast, they end up permanently stunned while nearby.

If you get either of these units they're extremely effective and almost always the first unit built.

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Re: Fire Elementals & Lightning Elementals are overpowered

Post by Popelku » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:33 pm

Fire elemental split also gives more gold to the other team once they die, which can sometimes backfire on them
What bother me the most with that unit is the insane range of the spell
It makes any ground unit useless against it as they even outrange ranged siege units

While I agree that splash dmg is annoying against the shield, there's a solution : don't rely on melee splash dmg unit to do the damage, use them as tanks with some ranged DPS if you have no other choice
However I agree that the shield shouldn't react to the decay thing of the zombies

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