The review of Earth fission - Task design Dave'Fargo'Kosak

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The review of Earth fission - Task design Dave'Fargo'Kosak

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As the the first review series of "WoW: the earth fission", we invited the chief task of WoW: theesigner Dave "Fargo" Kosak to discuss with you about his views on the mission design about earth fission.

Q: What’s the design aim for earth fission?
Obviously, from a mission design perspective, "The main purpose of the earth fission is to produce and promote the story of the Old World, especially the 1-60 level task experience. "WoW" has been eight years old, during which we learned many elements of success to make an online game. We hope that this game can become much friendly for new players, however, to walk from north to south through the Barrens can not be regarded as a friendly experience.
Re-create the entire Old World - 46 regions! - This is a full ambitious plan. In fact, it can be said that is ridiculous. This is like the production cycle of a piece of information which introduced a new game. Then we need to add two new races, and the novice area. I can not remember how we convince ourselves to make it, but we still concerted effort to work down.

Q: Are you satisfied with the results of the Old World recast?
I am very satisfied. Now it is quite interesting and enjoyable to get to 60 levels. Each region has their own story, there are many interesting things, and a large number of echoes with the old world before the disaster, allow players smile hidden elements.

Q: But what’s the disadvantage?

We've set a too heavy task, so that the entire development team is too tired. In fact, the original plan just redoes a small portion of high-priority areas, but not to take care of the decent area. According to the extent necessary to all low-level areas are divided into "red" and "yellow", "green" three. The green areas (for example, Loch Modan) only need to slightly adjust the task process to make it smoother, but will not do any big changes.
But in fact, even green areas also need much love. Once we begin, you either do not move, or simply redo: as a result, in order to make them meet our new mission design standards, we completely redone the most of the green areas. We gave them a nickname: "Watermelon" area - from the outside, they are green, but once cut …
Fortunately, the response of these things is very well from the results to see. The real problem occurred when we started making the 80-85 level area. These advanced regions are good from a content perspective view, but the fault of experience between the different regions is too large - a completely different feeling in Uldum and Hyjal Hyjal and Wasiqier, there is nothing in common. Design and hard work we have done does not always achieve the intended purpose.

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