How to report a cheater!

By player's wishes was created new thread to report about Hackers/Cheater/Exploiters or other kind of hacking in Wc3. Here you can post about them with proves like, Screenshot's or replays!
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How to report a cheater!

Post by Bannedacount4mh » Sun Mar 25, 2007 12:38 pm

When reporting suspected cheaters make sure your post structure is somewhat like this or else it will be deleted or edited in best case.

Reporting Form:

cg/pg-suspected cheat-nickname

Message body:
Nick: Nickname of suspected cheater
Cheat: Suspected cheat
Replay: Replay download link
Time: Approximate time(s) when the suspected cheat can be noticed in replay
When : Date/Time
Bot name where you played.
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